Working 10+ years as a designer in Brand Architecture (Shop Design & Design for Fair stands), my job is to provide a brand experience in real life through brand architecture and interior design.
I love this creative process, as it allows me to create an emotional experience and telling their story through a comprehensive Design.
I have a passion for creating presentations, where clients feel seen and inspired.
I love figuring out their core value and message, and translating it into a feeling and emotion through tangible design - interior design, colours, graphics, actions involving the client in the stand, ...
I have always been fascinated by the story behind a brand, the brand personality and what drives a brand, getting to know the people behind the brand (story).

During COVID, I finally took the chance to follow my passion for Graphics and studied Graphic Design. I have always been fascinated by the process of Brand design and got hooked when I learned about Brand Strategy and how it helps to dive deeper into the history of a brand, as well as carving out it´s core values.

My family comes from Mexico, I was born in Vancouver and grew up in Germany, so traveling and exloring has always been in my DNA.
What I especially enjoy while traveling is exploring a country through it´s food culture - it is a way to interact naturally and effortlessly with the locals and get to experience the country´s and region´s history, highlights and mentality.
Luckily, my husband shares the same passion!

We also love to see the artisan side of it and truly appreciate all the hard work and passion that makes a delicious meal.

This is what drives me - to appreciate and communicate the story, the values and the passion of tasteful artisans through a comprehensive design, that their clients can explore and experience, so you can relax and indulge!

Helping tasteful artisans thrive through Brand Strategy and Design is my passion.
What is yours?